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      Kids enjoy clip ‘n climb at Kids City
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      Bumper Cars Cambodia
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    • Bumper Car
      Bumper Car
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      An indoor edutainment centre which
      provides all the family with entertaining
      and educative activities.


      Exciting and stimulating,
      the main problem will be
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    • GO KARTS

      Jump into our colorful go-karts –
      kids can go individually or pair up
      with a parent to race around our track – it’s crazy fun! 


      All you and your budding Einsteins 
      need is on Levels 9 and 10, Kids City’s amazing 
      Science Gallery & Science Discovery



    We Are

    We focus on providing quality service in a fun and safe environment. What keeps us as the Number 1 Entertainment Centre in Cambodia is our passion.

    Clip ‘N Climb

    With 28 different walls for climbing, Clip ‘N Climb at Level 4 brings out your inner Tarzan!


    Toddler Town & Playground

    Toddler Town promotes a culture of intellectual curiosity. The playground has multiple tiers and can host up to 100 children at a time
    go karts - bumper cars

    Go Karts & Bumper Cars

    Exciting and safe indoor activities, on Levels 3 (Go Karts) and 10 (Bumper Cars).
    laser tag

    Laser Tag

    Battle with up to 30 friends in a labyrinth specially designed for laser tag games – skirmishes can last for up to 25 minutes.
    science discovery

    Science Gallery and Discovery

    The Science Gallery explains every little thing you’ve ever wondered about how the world and universe work

    Kids City’s Events

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    Celebrate Khmer New Year

    April 14, 2015
    The Khmer New Year – Chol Chnam Thmey in Khmer – is one of Cambodia’s major holidays. Most businesses stop work for three whole days so that their staff can return to hometown and celebrate. Kids City however is open 365 days per year. The Khmer New Year marks the end of the traditional harvest season, a time of leisure for farmers who have toiled all year to plant and harvest rice. April represents a rare break from the hard work: the summer season reaches its peak in this month, making it all but impossible to work for long in the fields. Where to Celebrate Khmer New Year? In Phnom Penh, Kids City is the best place to be during the New Year. We offer a variety of sports and education games. This year we have converted our Bumper Cars to play the Khmer Tradition game, we have traditional dance performances and every 3 hours surprises for all customers. You will experience full of fun and joy together with your family. We will have free dance class for all customers on April 15th, 2015. The customers will have the opportunity to learn Khmer traditional dance in a very fun way. The Khmer Traditional performances will be on April 14th, 2015 and April 16, 2015. Sovanna Phom, a professional theatre group will lead this show. They will perform two kinds of special dance; Monkey Contemporary Dance and the Peacock Dance. The One Day Pass will be available to during Khmer New Year. The one day pass allows access to all activities and unlimited play for one day. Kids City will also give a gift for those who buy one day pass. We will have special free gift for all customer who were born in the year of Goat. (1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015) We look forward to celebrating Khmer New Year with you and your family and friends. We wish you all the best for the New Year. Schedule Date Activity Time 14th April 2015 Monkey Contemporary dance at G floors 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm 15th April 2015 Traditional dancing class at 2nd floor 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm 16th April 2015 Peacock dance at G floor 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

    Happy Valentine’s Day

    February 14, 2015
    Enjoy Your Valentine’s Day @ Kids City. Join Love Challenge Games with your love one to have fun and win prizes. Early booking gets special discount! ACTIVITY FLOORS: - Climb and Clip: Climb each wall to get the hearts - Science Gallery: Be brave and collaborate to find hearts - Laser tag: Shot for high score and seek for hearts, find key to open the heart’s box CONDITIONS: – Team of two – Each team will need to keep collecting the hearts per floor – Each game they win the hearts will noted as their team number – End of the time we will announce the winner

    Santa Claus will visit Kids City

    December 24, 2014
    Games and activities at Kids City: Floor activities and competitions for everyone On December 20th, 21st, 24th and 25th Kids City will offer fun games for kids at our Playground and exciting Christmas workshops on our Science floors. Snowman building competitions, climbing challenges and “catch Santa” games will be also organized for kids and grown-ups on our Ice-Skating, Clip ‘N Climb, Laser Tag and Go-Karts floors. Meet Santa Santa Claus will visit Kids City from Saturday 13th until Thursday 25th. He will roam all floors giving away candies, receiving kids’ letters and wishes and getting pictures with everyone that has been good this year. New decorations and Christmas photo booth Kids City will be welcoming Christmas and the New Year from December 20th 2014 until January 1st 2015. A huge Christmas tree, colourful gift boxes, reindeers, snow-flakes, tinsels and lots of shiny stars will take over Kids City for over one month. We will also set up an interactive board exclusively designed for this special event, where families and friends will be able to get their customized Christmas & New Year’s photo and greeting card to share with everyone! One Day Pass condition For safety reasons and in order to offer the best service to all our customers, Kids City defines the following terms and conditions for this promotion Promotion available from December 20th 2014 until January 1st 2015, both inclusive The Day Pass is valid only during the day in which it has been purchased The Day Pass is personal and non-transferable: show your pass and the stamp on your arm to our floor staff before playing any activity No customer without a stamp will be allowed to play, even if he/she is holding the correct Day Pass Both Day Pass and free-drink/ice cream voucher are valid only in Kids City’s facilities Discount or Free Pass cards are not applicable to this Day Pass promotion The following limitations apply to Go Karts and Laser Tag activities: One Day Pass entitles its owner to play a maximum of 3 sessions in the morning and 3 sessions in the afternoon Christmas and New Year Promotion Spend 25$ in one receipt will receive on free voucher for 1 Ice-cream (Blue Pumpkin @ Kids City) 1 Drink (Poptea @ Kids City)

    Water Festival

    October 22, 2014
    Enjoy Water Festival at Kids City from November 5th to 7th 2014. Boat races, arts & crafts, colouring contest. PRIZES AND MORE! Special performance by Cambodian Living Arts every day at 5 pm Activities on Every Floor PLAYGROUND Colouring content: 10 am, 3 pm GO KARTS Boat-Kart competition: 11:30 am, 4 pm CLIP ‘N CLIMB Face to face climbing race: 3 pm LASER TAG One shot free for all: 11 am, 2 pm, 3:30 pm SCIENCE DISCOVERY Small boat construction and sailing Competitions: 11 am, 4:30 pm ICE-SKATING Snow-man building competition: 6 pm

    Happy Halloween

    October 3, 2014
    Halloween Schedule Ready to be S C A R E D ?? The Night of the Dead is approaching and Kids City will not escape its power. Walking dead, crazy scientists, awful beasts and horrifying living experiments will take over the whole building soon. From Thursday, October 30th until Saturday, November 1st, get your nerves ready and come to celebrate Halloween in Kids City – the scariest place in town: we will be open from 10 am to 9 pm! A haunted house with a tragic story, an enchanted forest with mysterious creatures, witches, skeletons, spirits and Mr. Dracula himself are getting ready to give you the most terrifying welcome to Kids City. Come over and win deliciously creepy prizes in the spookiest games ever: race around our cemetery, creep as fast as you can past rats and vampires, scavenge for treasures amongst the coldest skeletons and shoot as many sinister ghosts as you can. Lots of great prizes are awaiting for the bravest! Scientists of all ages will be welcome to participate in the grossest experiments at our mad scientist’s lab on the 9th floor and free face painting will be offered on the Playground for our little wee ones. If you are a photography enthusiast, join i-Qlick Cambodia’s workshops and participate in their Halloween Photo Contest @ Kids City. The best pics will win great prizes such as printers and other graphic equipment by Canon! **** Please note that, as a special celebration, we are charging full-price fares during these days, except for the Haunted House ($ 4 per person). Adults only! On Saturday November 1st, come and enjoy our No-Kids Night from 9 pm until 11:30 pm. It’s time for kids to stay home and adults to take over Kids City!! Come in your Halloween costume and get one extra free alcoholic drink! Warning: Places are limited. Only those with the Special No-Kids Night Pass will be able to join. Get yours now at Kids City’s main counter! The following instructions apply to all the participants in our No-Kids Night. Read them carefully and help making it a successful and enjoyable event for everyone. 1. All participants are called to be at Kids City’s 9th floor at 8:30pm. Access to the building will close after 8:40pm 2. Bring along your special pass and this program. Halloween costumes will be rewarded! 3. 1 Soft drink and/or 1 alcoholic drink will be served at our 2nd floor before the start of the night only upon presentation of the special pass. 4. At 8:45 all participants will be divided into 3 groups. Each group will be allocated on one different floor (Clip ‘N Climb, Laser Tag or Ice-Skating) as the starting point. 5. Kids City will assign one guide to every group. He/she will lead you through the building until the end of the night. Please stick to your group and talk to your guide in case you have any questions or comments 6. Activities will start at 9 pm

    Pchum Ben Day

    September 3, 2014
    Kids City wants to wish a happy Pchum Ben festival to all our customers. For this reason, Kids City will be offering lots of fun games and activities during the whole holiday! (22nd, 23rd and 24th september 2014) Wheel of fortune at the ground floor where our customers will get to win great prizes and surprises! * Free the Bears will host an exhibit about Sun Bears and their rescue center on our second floor. Different jungle games and activities such as drawing contest, fun quiz or treasure hunting will be offered every day. There will be special prizes for the winners, too! Bring also your best smile and get a picture with Free The Bear’s mascot at the ground floor and take the cutest memories of these holidays back home! Are you a fan of arts and crafts? I-Qlick and Canon have prepared a wide variety of designs for you to cut, paste and build fun figures with their Creative Park. Don’t forget to stop by our 1st floor even if you are a grown up kid: we have cool designs for all ages! Come and enjoy also our genuine activities with special games on every floor! *Every customer spending $25 or more in a receipt will be allowed to spin the wheel once. The wheel will be designed with the logos of our partners for that date and when the spinning stops on a given logo the winner will get 1 prize donated by that concrete brand.

    International Youth Day

    August 12, 2014
    Kids City wants to take the chance of UN’s International Youth Day next 12th of Augustto celebrate all youth in Cambodia and by offering them a special treat: our Young Pass. With the Young Pass 2 young people will be able to enjoy 10 sessions at Kids City (5 sessions per person). The price of the Young Pass is $25 and each person is allowed to enjoy up to 2 sessions on the same floor. This pass will be valid only during the 12th of August at Kids City and only for our customers between 13 to 24 years old. All customers interested in it will have to present their ID to prove that that they are included in this age group.

    Happy Father’s Day

    June 13, 2014
    Happy Father’s Day at Kids City!! Yes! Kids City will celebrate Father’s Day on the 21st of June for fathers to enjoy twice! Don’t miss the date with your family on 15th June and come to celebrate this special day also next week at Kids City! Dad is often busy and working hard until late, caring always about his little ones. For all that effort and loving, Kids City wants to offer a very special gift to all dads in town: on Saturday June 21st fathers play for free! For all dads; just buy a ticket for your kid and enjoy one activity for free! We will have special activities on every floor for Dad to play and enjoy with his kids. Also, children up to 12 years old can also join our arts and crafts workshops at the Playground and Toddler Town and make their own little gift for Dad on his day. Schedule Time Game Floor 1 – 2 pm Race with the penguins for fathers and children to compete as a team. Prizes for winners. Ice Skating 1:20 pm Compete with Dad at Laser tag and win cool prizes for the highest scorer and the most accurate shooter. Laser Tag All day Face to face climbing race with Dad. Cool prizes waiting at the top! Clip ‘N Climb All day Build your own balloon-powered car or your telephone with Dad! Science Gallery All day Create your gift for Dad at the arts & crafts workshop Toddler Town All day Create your gift for Dad at the arts & crafts workshop Playground Don’t miss this opportunity to share fun and smiles with your little wee ones! Kids City, Fun for Everyone!

    Happy Mother’s Day

    May 2, 2014
    Yes, you read that right: mothers play for free! We all know very well to be loving and appreciative to our moms every day, but on this special date we are going to be extra nice. Kids City wishes all moms a fantastic Mother’s Day and to celebrate it we will let all mothers play for free!! For all mums; just buy a ticket for your kid and enjoy one activity for free! Children up to 12 years old can also join our arts and crafts workshops at the Playground and Toddler Town and make their own little gift for Mom on her day. Don’t miss this opportunity to share fun and smiles with your little wee ones! Kids City, Fun for Everyone!

    Easter Day

    April 20, 2014
    Enjoy the Kids City Easter Egg Hunt! Kids City is in collaboration with The Chocolate Shop to bring you the most Delicious, Fun and Chocolatey, Event so far! Sunday 20th April Kids Easter Egg Hunt* at 11:00am for 12 years and below at the Playground Big Kids Easter Egg Hunt* at 3pm for 13 years and above at the Ice Skating Rink *Only for paying guests who register for these activities on the day.


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