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Attraction places in Phnom Penh?

Attraction places in Phnom Penh, do you know of any? Traveling and visiting, or simply looking for entertaining and educating time with family and friend? One of the best attractions in Phnom Penh is located on the Sihanouk Boulevard at the Kids City. It offers 9 floors of pure fun, mixed with education and sport activities.

Attraction places in Phnom Penh - Clip 'n Climb

The top attraction is Clip ‘n Climb. Come and enjoy the rock climbing to the top. It offers 28 different climbing walls depending on the age and activity level. It is where strength meets the sport, and body endures the maximum development.

attractive laser tag

Whether you come in a group or with a family, Laser Tag is our second top attraction. It offers the indoor combat session using the laser guns. A great and effective way to build the team or entertain the party of friends.
attractive scienceattractive science
If you prefer some education and want to learn the world behind science, come and join our Science Gallery and Discovery for a journey into the world and universe.

attractive go kart

You don’t have to be at the race track to enjoy the speed of cars. Here at the Kids City we offer indoor go karting. Go Karts is a fun way for young adults to learn the new driving skills and experience indoor traffic rules and regulations.
Kids City offers diverse entertainment to all generations, and is a one of the top attractions because of its location and versatile activities.

Among the top attractions in Phnom Penh are the Ice Park, Kids Park and the Laser Tag, all located in the Aeon Mall. The Ice Park is the only indoor ice skating rink in Cambodia. Ice Park provides private or group classes, events and team building activities each customized to meet the customers schedule and requirements.

attractive ice parkattractive kids parkattractive laser tag aeon mall

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