Do you dare to face your fears?

By @dmin 5 years ago
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Leap of Faith

As well as playing host to the latest sports and educational facilities in Cambodia, Kids City Asia also has some great activities to push your nerves to the limit. Here at Kids City we believe that life is about trying new things, taking risks and having a great time. It is for these reasons that we opened our fantastic High Risk Challenge activities. Although we use the word ‘risk’, every one of the activities follows our very strict health and safety regulations, including stringent regular checks.

Let’s take a closer look at the activities we have to get the heart pumping and the adrenaline flowing!

Our Leap of Faith task is great for anyone wishing to overcome their fear of heights. It entails scrambling up a seven metre pillar and edging your way precariously along a diving board (don’t worry, you’ll be quite safe; you’ll be done up in helmet and harness before going up!) and making a ‘leap of faith’ to jump onto a support, which looks much like a boxing bag, after which you will be lowered to the floor. Our support can adjusted in distance, meaning that the ‘leap of faith’ can be anywhere from one metre to seven depending on how adventurous you are feeling. This makes it ideal for those wanting to try something different as well as those who want to push their bodies and minds to the limit.

vertical slideJust as nerve-racking as the Leap of Faith is the Vertical Slide, although it manages to do this in a different way. The intrepid adventurer is winched to the top of our seven metre high slide (which feels a lot higher when you’re dangling at the top, believe me!) and then must let go of their own volition, the fall being cushioned to ensure the customers’ comfort. It is a great activity for those who love the thrill of going high and going fast, and for those who simply want to try a new experience. We think you will be surprised at just how fast you can go!

Our signature Clip ‘N Climb Tournament is also set to start again. Climbing is a fantastic sport, working on core strength and dexterity, as well as taxing your willpower and honing your perseverance, all of which are vital if you are going to overcome the challenge. Our tournament has seen some fantastic feats of human endurance in the past, and we are very excited to start it again. However, this tournament is not just for the professionals; speed is just one aspect of climbing. We also score on the routes climbed and handholds used, making it a great sport for everyone who wishes to push themselves mentally, just not physically.

As per our philosophy, all our Face Your Fears activities are accessible and enjoyable for both boys and girls of any age, as well as being great fun for the family. We can guarantee that each of them will leave you feeling out of breath but desperate to do it again, but the only way to really understand what we mean is to come down, harness up, and jump in!