Indoor Climbing in Phnom Penh

By @dmin 5 years ago
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Climbing is popular all over the world where good rock faces are available; which Phnom Penh, unfortunately, is lacking. But now a multi-use climbing wall has come to Kids City. Incorporating the very safe Clip ‘n’ Climb system, which is used throughout the world, Kids City has a variety of walls and routes to meet the needs of everyone, from first-time to experienced climbers.

rock-climbingRock climbing is a great sport which helps develop muscle strength, dexterity and core fitness and is a great alternative to the gym, offering a total body, low impact, aerobic workout. It also develops additional skills such as balance and technique, which boost performance in other sports, great for both boys and girls. Most of all, it offers a sense of achievement which can’t be found in many other sports; resting at the top of a challenging climb, and looking at all the people below, is a truly rewarding and motivating experience!