Laser tag family fun in Cambodia

By @dmin 5 years ago
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Laser Tag one of the most enjoyable interactive activities Phnom Penh has to offer. Located on the seventh floor of Kids City, Laser Tag is great for families to play and bond together. I met with Sokly, the Senior Supervisor, to discuss the game.

My first port of call was safety. Although it may appear ominous, the equipment is all very safe. The gun must be held with two hands; unless held with both hands, the gun will deactivate. This prevents the gun being held out too far and therefore protects against the gun being dropped. The laser itself is completely safe too; rigorously tested, the laser is harmless to skin and eyes.
There is also a brief before the game starts to ensure that all the players understand the equipment, as well as an explanation on safety rules.

How does the game complement being played as a family? The settings can allow for teams to be chosen, which means families can all play on the same team or, if you fancy, on opposing teams! The game itself can be played in different ways too. Lone Wolves can go it alone, or the team can stick together and help each other out. Indeed, there are as many ways to play this game as there are people playing it. This makes it a fantastic, interactive way to develop bonds and have a great time.

‘We already get families coming to play here’ said Sokly. ‘It is great for bonding, and is often played by colleagues of companies or NGOs as a team building exercise.’ It is great for teaching teamwork and trust, which complement family values.

Points are accumulated every time you shoot an enemy player, but points are lost every time an enemy player shoots you. Every time a player gets shot their gear deactivates for five seconds, allowing time to escape to another part of the multi-level arena. When the game is over it’s time to view the scoreboard and find out who had what it takes to beat the rest.

The best way to find out how great a family day out at Laser Tag is and how much fun you’ll have is to play it. I can assure you that the kids will be filled with stories of heroism and sacrifice, and you will remember the day as a very different and unique family day out!