Newly Arrived Activity in Cambodia

By @dmin 5 years ago
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kids city bumper cars

Here at Kids City Asia we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of sporting and entertainment endeavours in Cambodia. Our pioneering activities have included Cambodia’s the first ice rink, and the phenomenal Ice Park in Aeon Mall, as well as a unique indoor go-karting track and Laser Tag.

However, the latest addition to Kids City, indoor bumper cars, has us very excited indeed. Purchased from the Italian company Eurogame, all our bumper cars conform to strict European safety guidelines and requirements (the only bumper cars in Cambodia to meet these exacting standards) and are suitable for all ages. We think that our bumper cars promise to be as popular with young and old alike as our other innovative additions to Kids City Asia.

bumper-carsSo, what makes Kids City’s latest addition so special? We pride ourselves on our excellent safety record and once again customer safety was paramount when purchasing our latest attraction. Our bumper cars have several key safety features which make them different to most if not all bumper cars in Cambodia. Each car is surrounded by an inflated tube, much like on a hovercraft. This makes the bumper cars much safer (and more comfortable!) than those simply protected by a strip of rubber. The inflated tube absorbs the impact from another car other cars thereby preventing sudden jolts. Other features include a very comfortable padded headrest, and an international-standard seat belt. Each car is powered by two car batteries, which are located under the seat. This is vastly safer than the traditional overhead electric wire, and much cleaner than those powered by combustible fuel.

After seeing the success of our Laser Tag, we had the brainwave to combine the two activities and, boy, are we glad we did! Our cars are fitted with laser guns, very similar to those used in the Laser Tag attraction; again, these have been vigorously tested and have been proved to be harmless. Each car is equipped with three laser guns, which fire directly in front and to the right and left. When hit by a laser, the bumper car spins around, adding an extra element to an already action packed activity! All scores are electronically recorded on the scoreboard on the wall and the results are given at the end of the game. For those you simply wish to have fun and drive the cars as normal, never fear; the laser guns are optional, and don’t have to be activated.

bumper cars

Each car can fit two people, one adult and one child, making it a great activity for the family, as well as for friends or colleagues. There are twelve cars in total in our 300 square metre arena; a fantastic opportunity to focus on working as a team or trying your hand at being a solitary sniper! So why not come down and put your driving and shooting skills to the test in Cambodia’s first-ever indoor bumper car arena?