The team building activities with the Kids City

August 23, 2016
Team building is a collective term for various types of activities used to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks. Many team-building exercises aim to expose and address interpersonal problems within the group. These activities are intended by the Company to improve performance in a team-based environment. Team building is one of the foundations of organizational development that can be applied to groups such as sports teams, school classes, military units, corporate offices or any other industry that requires team work and development. The formal definition of team-building includes: Aligning around goals Building effective working relationships Reducing team members’ role ambiguity Finding solutions to team problems Strengthening the team spirits Reinforcing the interpersonal relationships The four most effective approached to the team building are: Goal setting Role clarification Problem solving Interpersonal-relations This also one of the most widely used group-development activities in any organization. It is believed that the team-development has the strongest effect (versus financial measures) in improving any organizational performance. The studies show that team-development activities, including team building and team training, improve both a team’s objective performance and that team’s subjective supervisory ratings.

Birthday Parties

July 3, 2015
Planning a Birthday Party? Kids City can help. Let our experienced Birthday Party Team help you plan and host an exciting birthday party at Kids City. Ideally situated at one corner of the Playground, our Birthday Party Room can be configured to fit in with your chosen theme Combine one or more of your favorite activities (Playground, Toddler Town, Clip ‘N Climb, Laser Tag, Science Gallery, Science Discovery and Bumper Cars) to make this a party like no other. If you’re looking to hold a celebration to be remembered for a lifetime, look no further than Kids City. Please call 023 220 088 / 078 919 888 or email us at birthdays@kidscityasia.com for further information.

Group Bookings

July 2, 2015
Kids City is happy to accommodate groups of all sizes. We will work with you to reserve space at a suitable time as necessary – special rates may apply. Kids City accommodates a maximum of 565 players and an additional 450 spectators across all activity floors at any one time. Please call 023 220 088 / 078 919 888 or email us at info@kidscityasia.com for further information.

Teambuilding & Training

July 1, 2015
Need to develop team work or leadership skills in your organization? Want to improve communication and organizational skills within your company? Here at Kids City we have the facilities that allow you to choose from a fantastic range of activities that can be used as a component of your management training plan. We offer Full Day Packages and Half Day Packages for our Team Building events. Our packages allow your team to choose from our wide range of activities, as well our unique Team Building Games, which are designed and tailored specifically to each group and its aims. We can also cater for specific themes, customizable to clients’ requirements (please see the sample video on our website). Challenges How to play Duration Aims Clip ‘N Climb Option 1 – Race to the Top! Teams are selected and each participant completes a timed climb; each subsequent climber within the team must be quicker than the previous climber’s time. Times for each team will be totaled to decide the winning team as well as having individual winners.   Option 2 – Balloon Race! Balloons at the top of each climb must be collected – the team with the highest number of collected balloons wins. This is also a test of delegation, as each wall can only have one climber. Approximately 20 minutes Both these climbing challenges require leadership skills and the use of delegation while emphasizing the value of collaboration and communication under pressure. Laser Tag A simple and fast paced team game, where players score points by shooting the other team members with their laser guns. Teams that really understand each other and work well together have been known to create battle tactics and strategies, such as the bait-and-trap manoeuvre. Approximately 20 minutes The challenge is to assign a quick thinking leader to organise the team and take it to victory. This fast paced game makes people understand the importance of clear and precise communication. Group Creative Thinking Tasks These tasks require collaboration to solve puzzles. Each team is broken into smaller groups, and as each group finishes they can assist other groups in their team. The first team to complete all their tasks win. Approximately 20 minutes The players must learn to work together quickly and dynamically, in small groups and in their larger teams, to achieve a common goal. Initiative Tests The team must complete a series of games and challenges designed to work on team bonding and communication. This challenge will be held in the function room, and a variety of tasks are available, depending on the dynamics of your team. Approximately one hour These challenges are designed to test and strengthen internal relationships and teamwork skills, as well as utilizing the strengths of the individual for the benefit of the team.

Kids City celebrates their first anniversary

June 16, 2015
On Saturday 31st May and Sunday 1st June 2014, we celebrated our one year anniversaryin style with fun, games and a lucky draw. Close to 4,500 people visited Kids City over the two days, many drawn by the various fun activities for all the family, from a wire buzzer challenge, where participants needed to have a steady hand, to the alphabet challenge, where toddlers had to correctly order the letters of the alphabet. Other games on offer for older visitors were laser tag, a free-for-all where each player competed for the highest score and most accurate shot, as well as the newly introduced sport of ‘broomball’ – where two teams of four compete against one another on ice to sweep a small ball into a goal. “The aim of our Kids City 1st year anniversary is to give back to all our customers and friends who have accompanied us through these first months – and to all those who will visit in the future too,” Mr Meng Hieng, our CEO, declared. “One year sounds like a small number to be reached, but rather than quantity, this first year is meaningful because of the quality and intensity of each of those 12 months. We have gone through the first very challenging months, building up the concept of Kids City every day, shaping goals, ideas, researching what customers want and always trying to offer the best service for them in Phnom Penh,” Mr Meng Hieng continued. “Kids City is, after one year, much better than the initial idea, thanks to the contribution of our customers and also to our amazing team who makes this all happen every day.” Phrom Viriya, from our marketing team, deemed the weekend a success: “Each floor had many visitors that we have never had before. On Sunday alone, we more than doubled the average number of visitors on any other Sunday since January 2014. During the whole weekend, we got over 50% more visitors than any average weekend this year,” she said. The lucky draw consisted of a whopping 200 prizes: the first prize a Red 2014 Honda Dream Motorbike, won by Sok Udom Tong. Other prizes won included a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, a Samsung Galaxy 10.1, a laptop, a washing machine, air-conditioner, refrigerator, 32” LED TV, 50 monument book vouchers, 14 school vouchers, tickets to the new Ice Park Cambodia at AEON Mall, tickets to Kids Park at AEON Mall and tons of free passes to Kids City. The winners were presented their prizes at a special show at Kids City on the afternoon of Sunday 1st June. The ceremony included break dancing and Khmer martial arts (Bokator) shows performed by PSE students, and an exciting show performed by Phare The Cambodian Circus, especially designed for this unique occasion. “These performances represented the importance of youth and Khmer culture for Kids City – both aspects are always very present in our events and procedures-, as well as our main goal to entertain and amuse our
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