Public School Directors attend Kids City’s Inaugural STEM Educator Workshop

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Phnom Penh, 21st July: Kids City hosted the 1st STEM Educator Workshop on Friday for the 230 Public School Directors of primary, secondary and high schools in the Phnom Penh Municipality. Seen as an opportunity to highlight important programs developed by the major STEM collaborators in Phnom Penh, the workshop engaged the directors and encouraged them to create a more STEM-friendly environment in their schools.

Science, technology, engineering and mathematics outreach, known by the acronym STEM, has become a critical component in learning outcomes for young Cambodians, with partners working alongside the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) to champion the cause.

Secretary of State of MoEYS, His Excellency Dr. IM Koch launched the event along with a few of Kids City’s major partners: Smart Axiata, represented by its Chief Marketing Officer, Stjepan UDOVICIC, Prudential, represented by its Chief Executive Officer David NUTMAN and the British Embassy, represented by Cashel GLEESON, Deputy Head of Mission, all longstanding partners of Kids City’s STEM Education project, who all expressed their support for this community collaboration.

In addition to organizational endorsement and promotion by MoEYS, the workshop was generously funded by Smart Axiata as the MAIN sponsor, alongside Prudential Cambodia.

Kids City Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Meng HIENG, who opened the event with welcome remarks emphasized: “Our continued partnership with private companies like Smart Axiata and Prudential will ensure that the youth of Cambodia will see how STEM plays a crucial role in their lives and how they can utilize it to build a strong future.”

Mr. Stjepan UDOVICIC, Chief Marketing Officer of Smart Axiata, was likewise optimistic of the Kids City partnership: “We have seen in the past few years that STEM initiatives in the country have grown exponentially. This provides more opportunities for Cambodia to reap the benefits of STEM, on par with the international arena. I’m positive that our partnership with Kids City will further stimulate and sustain the interest of our young Cambodians in STEM education.”

Highlights of the day included:

  1. Launch of the Kids City Science TVC, sponsored by Smart Axiata, in all four Kids City Smart buses and invitation for all school directors to ride the buses to visit Kids City Science at the end of the workshop.
  2. STEM exhibits by selected primary, secondary and high schools. These student exhibits were graciously sponsored by Prudential Cambodia.
  3. School Directors’ STEM Team Building Competition facilitated by Dr. CHAN Roath, Director of Scientific Research at MoEYS.
  4. STEM Demonstrations by Little Scientists, STEM Cambodia, and Smart Board.

The event was held primarily in Khmer, which was critical in engaging all School Directors. With the launch of the new Kids City TVC and two additional buses, Kids City Science will be able to reach over 100,000 students in the Phnom Penh Municipality this year, providing schools access to hands-on STEM education and an opportunity for youths to connect science theory to everyday life and local resources.

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