STEM Education Launch

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STEM Education Launch

The Kids City Science has launched the Promotion of Basic STEM Education: Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) at the Kids City.

Kids City Science has been cooperating with the British Embassy of Phnom Penh since 2015. This year 2016 – 2017, British Embassy will support and promote the STEM Education to teachers and students for 18 public schools (12 primary and 6 secondary schools, covering total of 2,340 students in Phnom Penh. The project timeframe will be from the 29th August, 2016-28th February, 2017.

The objective of this project is:

  • To introduce the STEM Education and its importance to the future of STEM Development in Cambodia.
  • To engage and involve STEM Education to pre-selected schools and key relevant Ministries, Departments and Offices of Education, Youth and Sports.
  • Project needs continuous cooperation and support from the target schools, line ministry and departments; parents and local authorities.

Mr. Meng Hieng, CEO of Kids City, Speech on the Launch of  STEM Education

We are looking to attract more science experts to help mentor the school groups that visit us and will be adding the best and most exciting, high quality new exhibits from around the world to supplement the 100+ hands-on attractions already installed at the 8th & 9th floors.

With this collaboration to promote STEM education to teachers and students our aim is to strengthen the teaching of science topics in schools. By providing this facility, we can help reinforce STEM subjects in the national curriculum and inspire students to achieve more.

We are delighted that many schools have already incorporated Kids City Science programs into their school curriculum and hope more educators will take up this opportunity.
We offer a wide range of school workshops and subject specific activities, and can custom design programs to meet the individual requirements of any school.
We also work with NGOs, private and public schools to ensure that everyone, regardless of background and ability has the opportunity to access this facility.

Please contact: Mrs. Srey Hing, Assistant Head of Science
Phone: 077 778 918

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