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STEM Cambodia

STEM is a way of integrating together many different subjects which are taught separately in school. Science is information about the world and how it works. This knowledge is discovered through observations and experiments. In order to conduct these experiments, we need technology which are the tools we use to gather information. Math helps us to be precise so we can evaluate the success or failure of an experiment. Science, technology and math help people solve problems and that is engineering – people solving problems and creating better ways to do things because of science.

STEM competition involves team work and “hands on” learning as the students apply science information to solve “real life” challenges. This experience helps students to remember what they have learned and allows them the experience of solving a problem as a team.

What is STEM Competition?

Kids City, sponsored by Prudential, hosts interschool competitions for public and private schools. Kids City will go to approximately 25 public schools and 25 private schools (total 5000 students) to host a school-wide STEM competition. 100 students from each school will get to participate in this exciting event. Prizes will be awarded to the first place team, and science books will be donated to the school to help with the teaching of science.

What do we do at STEM Competition?

  • Short team-building exercise
  • Learn about the Engineering Design Process
  • Competition – engineering activity
  • Independent judges will determine the winners

What are the benefits to STEM competition?

  • Learn the Engineering Design Process
  • Learn to solve problems
  • Learn to work together
  • Do “hands on” science
  • Have fun while you are learning
  • Gain Basic STEM Education

The Engineering Design Process

There are six steps you must take when you are working on engineering problem.

Step 1 – Ask – What is the problem?
What do you already know about this subject?
What are the standards you must meet in your design?

Step 2 – Imagine – What are some solutions?
What are some solutions to the problem?
Talk with team about different ways to solve the problem

Step 3 – Plan – What do i use?How do I do it?
Draw a diagram of what the solution will look like.
What supplies will you need?
Decide on a list of steps to be done and who will do them.

Step 4 – Create – Do your plan
Follow your plan.
Work together and use your time wisely.
Test your design to see how well it works.

Step 5 – Improve – How can it be better?
Learn from your mistakes.
Make corrections and retest your design.

Step 6 – Present – Share and discuss design
Share your ideas with the group
Discuss have the errors led to a better design.

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