Winter Sports come to Cambodia

By @dmin 4 years ago
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Wherever there is snow and ice you will find people enjoying the exhilaration of winter sports. Now, winter has come to Cambodia! The brand new Ice Park has just opened in Aeon Mall, boasting the biggest Ice Rink in the country. Ice Skating is the first Winter Sport to come to Cambodia, so now you too can experience the thrill of Winter Sports without having to leave Phnom Penh!

Whether you are a first time skater seeking to get on the ice or a seasoned skater looking to brush up on your technique, you will benefit from the excellent coaching and assistance of Ms Pauline Coupez, France’s expert skater and coach, with lessons available for all levels.

Ice Park is at the centre of the development of Winter Sports in Cambodia, providing state of the art facilities to train and accommodate the needs of Cambodian athletes for international competitions and even the future Winter Olympics. Come and be a part of it!